Tellgen at AACC 2022 Chicago with the Newly Launched Molecular POC, CLIA, and Work Station


The 74th AACC ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING + CLINICAL LAB EXPO kicked off on July 26th, 2022 in Chicago, USA. The AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Laboratory Expo is the highest quality and largest annual scientific conference and clinical experiment grand meeting in the global clinical laboratory field. Every AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Laboratory Expo attracts professionals and medical leaders from more than 100 countries and more than 20,000 international medical circles.

At this exhibition, Tellgen took part in the exhibition with all-in-one nucleic acid sample preprocessing machine DP96, TESMI i100, a small and rapid POCT nucleic acid detection system NuaBox, and AIGS, a card-type POCT nucleic acid detection system. The instruments unveiled this time have the CE certification of the European Union, and the multiplexed bead suspension array auto-immune assay on TESMI F4000 have passed the FDA certification. The products have been registered in many countries around the world and are praised by the mainstream market, and are widely recognized by the global customer partners.

The pandemic has not settled, and monkeypox has became a peril. Monkeypox cartridge reagent, monkeypox NuaBox reagent and monkeypox RT-PCR reagen have all obtained CE certification and are registered in many countries and regions. The NuaBox small rapid nucleic acid detection platform can not only display the real-time fluorescence signal amplification curve with professional optical parts, but also can prevent contamination caused by amplification using a patented tube design. The prevention and control experience of the COVID-19 epidemic reminds us of the quintessence of healthcare and disease prevention. For a fast-spreading and highly pathogenic infectious disease, raising awareness of prevention, early identification and effective management and control are crucial.

In this AACC exhibition, Tellgen’s chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer TESMI i100 also attracted much attention. The acridinium ester chemiluminescence method is more sensitive and precise; and TESMI i100 has the advantages of the POC table-top size and easy to operate. It also attracted many international partners at this large-scale exhibition. With the change of testing volume and testing habits, the Drext DP96 nucleic acid workflow series all-in-one machine with a throughput of 4,000 tests a day has also attracted the attention of many laboratories in the United States.