Dr. Jian’er Yao



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“Until 2035, China will probably double its economic scale and surpass the US to become the largest socioeconomic entity. On this flourishing land of innovation-driven economic development, with high-tech talents and increasing government investment in public healthcare, the industry thrives in multiple aspects, with countless good news coming along. Within the most significant single market, increasing the attention on brands made in China is the best recommendation for distributors considering the situation and seizing the momentum. We want to enaction the technology and advances every day together. Unlike the past research and development mode, Tellgen will fully utilize its technological advantages and manufacturing foundation to meet consumers’ needs and consider China’s clinical reality to focus solely on product research and development. In the future, we at Tellgen are looking forward to cooperating and collaborating with partners who have pioneering spirits and social responsibilities, pursuing excellence with scaling market shares, profoundly understanding the long-term goal with mutual consensus. Though we grow independently, we still value each other. Gather all the intelligence, cull all the effort, creating a new zeitgeist!”

——– Jian’er Yao