Dr. Xuexin Deng

Director of Autoimmune Product Line

Dr. Xuexin Deng is the Marketing Director of Autoimmune Product Line.
“Autoimmune diseases are a group of diseases that generate multi-organ failure and systematic damage. In which case, the multiplex (simultaneously measure) detection technology is crucial for the early-stage identification of these diseases. The European and American tertiary hospitals use flow cytometry as a major tool for autoantibody detection. This type of detection is also recommended by Chinese mainstream academia and organizations. Tellgen’s TESMI F4000, based on flow cytometry, is famous for its perfect combination of technology and demand, achieving high-throughput, fully automated, and quantitative on-the-spot detection. The autoimmune FlowAI® series comes with F4000, resourcing back to global standards with outstanding precision and accuracy, providing timely reliable clinical reports, leading the clinical treatment of autoimmune diseases to a novel era! “