HPV 27 Tellgenplex

Tellgenplex® HPV27 Genotyping Assay
Human Papillomavirus Genotyping DNA Detection Kit (Flow Cytometry Method)

Detection Items: Detect and Identify HPV 27 Types Simultaneously

High risk(17 types):16、18、31、33、35、39、45、51、52、56 、58、59、66、68、26、53、82
Low risk(10 types):6、11、40、42、43、44、55、61、81、83

Intention of Use

  • Early screening of cervical cancer, Aid diagnosis of Genital warts.

Compatible Instruments

  • Luminex 200TM

Specimen Type

  • Cervical exfoliated cells, wart body, etc.


  • 48 tests/Kit

Store and Expiry

  • Nucleic acid amplification component have to be stored at -20℃;
  • Avoid repeated freezing and thawing;
  • Hybridization component preserve at 2-8℃;
  • Protection from light and freezing;
  • Shelf life is 9 months.


  • CFDA;
  • FDA.


Tellplex®the leader of multiplexing,27 HPV types detection simultaneously.

High throughput detection platform,leading HPV detection enter to “digitization”era.

Laser analysis, digital results, no washing step, reducing contamination, fluorescence dying, safe and non-toxic, liquid phase hybridization, good reproducible.

Gene Amplification

  • ABI 9700
  • Eppendorf
  • Mastercylcer Gradient
  • MJ PTC-100
  • Bioer Life Express


  • Luminex 200


β-Globin, The Perfect Internal Control

  • Monitoring the whole procedure, effectively check the false negative result caused by insufficient sampling, and amplification failure.