Marching Together | Tellgen Corporation New Product Launch & The Annual Partners Summit


CACLP 2021, a date on a warm day in Spring, is an innovative grand summit to create a new phenomenon in the IVD industry.

When it comes to a good day, the scenery is full of a Spring breeze, and the journey begins. The whole product lineup in the 210㎡ stage is like a silver lightening in the first year of the domestic IVD market. The celebration for our outstanding partners and joint seek cooperation; Tellgen’s new product launch and branding strategy conference, creating innovative and pioneering work again.

Recalling the past, holding hands, appreciating the present, gathering together, and sharing the glory.

Every journey we have traveled together is worth remembering. 2021 is the fifth year of the Annual Partner Award of Tellgen Corporation. The quiet water flows deep and light-years in a moment. Tellgen walks alongside hundreds of distributors and partners, achieves steady and robust growth, and dominates many niche markets with core values and competitive advantages.

Now, the journey starts again, and we sail today. We hope that this impressive result of the past five years is the best starting point for us to start the next five years together with you. On the product side, it highlights the power of fearlessness and innovation; On the commercial side, it relies on a perfect marketing system, distribution network, and quality of service. We are full of expectation and confidence to become the beacon of clinical-dependent and empowerment industries under the popular trend of “National Tide.”

At the 18th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP for short), Tellgen made an entrance with all product lines. The concert between the free curves and the high ceiling makes the whole space echo and come alive. The most cutting-edge diagnostic technology and the most representative products and modules are sharp and impressive. It attracts clients, partners, industrial mainstream media, and other visitors, negotiates, and communicates with great interest. Review each moment together in the gallery, and write down all the magnificent stories in the future books.