Emergency Perfect Couple and Autoimmune Union | 2021 LIC Annual Academic Summit


Emergency Testing Perfect Couple and Autoimmune Union Made by Heaven Making A Huge Entrance at the 2021 Labeled Immunoassays Professional Committee Annual Academic Summit

In the beautiful city of Chizhou, the 2021 Labeled Immunoassays Professional Committee Annual Academic Summit hosted by China Association for Instrumental Analysis has started. The elites from the manufacture, academia, clinics, and hospitals gather together for this event, coupling ideas, accumulating momentum, and cooperate deeply together towards a brand new future.

Seed and harvest every year, we finally saw a new success in half a decade; CAIA Labeled Immunoassays Professional Committee has established for five years. Tellgen, as one of the oldest peers, has been holding hands with CAIA, marching towards the same vision from hearts. Being happy to see the exuberant vitality in growth, Tellgen presented a beautiful stage with select products. Even showcased new products and presented subject reports, showing an innovative phenomenon with limitless potential.

At the beginning of 2020, the Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chinese College of Emergency Physicians, and Emergency Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese People’s Liberation Army have jointly released the Emergency Laboratory Capacity Development and Chinese Emergency Medicine Professionals Code of Conduct, clearly stating that laboratory should prioritize instruments with simple operation, fast detection, stable performance, and reliable results.

Tellgen Corporation, tallied with the opportunity of emergency laboratory capacity development, proudly presents the emergency immunology Perfect Couple —- Tellgen high throughput chemiluminescence platform Little Elf TESMI i100, alongside the fast, accurate, and comprehensive solution of cardiovascular inflammation.

Tellgen automated chemiluminescence platform Little Elf, small but accurate, tiny but reliable, can be utilized in multiple scenarios, satisfying the daily laboratory demand in medium and small institutions and providing supplement and emergency testing capability to large tertiary hospitals.

The common diseases in the emergency room are chest pain, acute heart failure, acute infection, abdominal pain, etc. Detection of cardiovascular inflammation markers can be used as a powerful clinical auxiliary means. According to common emergency diseases, Tellgen has launched a comprehensive, rapid, and accurate solution for cardiovascular inflammation, which covers three solutions: chest pain differentiation, heart failure management, and inflammation differential diagnosis, which can shorten the treatment time of the “four killers” (acute myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, acute pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection) and sepsis to the greatest extent, reduce misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, and significantly improve the efficiency of disease diagnosis and treatment.

The special comprehensive solution for cardiovascular inflammation and the small, fast, and accurate acridinium ester chemiluminescence instrument TESMI i100 is the golden couple supporting fast clinical diagnostics in identifying myocardial infarction, especially myocardial infarction and early sepsis in NSTEM.

Dr. Jiankui Chen at The Fifth Medical Center of PLA General Hospital

Autoimmune diseases are very complex: one kind of autoantibody corresponds to many different types of autoimmune diseases, and there are many kinds of autoantibodies in one kind of autoimmune disease. Therefore, the autoantibodies need to be detected jointly. Moreover, for the kidney damage caused by systemic lupus erythematosus, more and more scholars are devoted to the diagnosis and prognosis of lupus nephritis by combining the detection of multiple autoantibodies. Quantitative detection of autoantibodies can be used as one of the disease classification standards and can be used for treatment monitoring and early warning of diseases; All above reflects the importance of quantitative detection of autoantibodies.

Tellgen FlowAI® autoantibody spectrum detection is based on flow cytometry platform  TESMI F4000, enables full automation with high throughput, with increased flexibility to run a test anytime simultaneously without influencing other tests. The newest SCI publications related to Tellgen’s flow cytometry platform show that the combined detection and quantification of multiple autoantibodies has a substantial clinical value in the auxiliary diagnosis and activity evaluation of systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis.

The mutual effort contributed by the medical field and manufacturing industry is adding two wings to the development of Chinese medical healthcare development. Knowing the demand and understanding the philosophy, thus giving the supply. Let’s look forward to the vast increment and massive influence of the 2021 Labeled Immunoassays Professional Committee Annual Academic Summit, and hope Tellgen sails towards an innovative further.