Tellgen Academic Overview | National Laboratory Medicine Industry-Academic Convention


When the external view meets the cross-border wisdom, what kind of integration and innovation will it bring to the industry continuously?

On May 12th, academics, clinicians and professionals gathered in Zhuhai to join the National Laboratory Medicine Industry-Academic Convention and Tellgen Corp Client Appreciation Meeting. They are exploring the academic frontier, discussing the cooperation between production and medicine, and cooperating to create a brand-new pattern of cross-border interaction and integration development at the technological perimeter of medical reform.

By setting growth goals and performing interim plans, The Laboratory of the Tenth People’s Hospital is driving on the highway of development with character, becoming the comprehensive department in the tertiary hospital. Additionally, valuing the talent pool and professional training, establishing great incentives and motivations, creating a strict and humane assessment mechanism, comprehensively manages daily diagnostics works using a scientific approach. At the same time, ensuring clinical services encourages creating the research atmosphere, guiding the academic establishment, standing on classic diagnostics cases, pursuing popular research projects, and actively advancing clinical, educational, and research development. After a decade of cultivation and boundless refineries, it has eventually gathered talents worldwide with excellent research outcomes and limitless potentials for the braves.

According to the data jointly published by the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation, until 2009, half a billion people are experiencing a different level of damage in their kidney functions. There are millions of patients in China who suffered from chronic kidney diseases causing cardiovascular failure. In this case, biochemical markers with significant sensitivities and outstanding specificities can report patients’ acute kidney damage condition on time and help the doctor to provide better treatment.

Modern research exhibits that NGAL is one of the most reliable markers to diagnose acute kidney damage, being also the marker for identifying early-stage diabetic nephropathy. At the same time, the advantage of TIMP-2 and IGFBP7 in the early stage of critical kidney damage is worthwhile.

Among SARS-CoV-2 patients, most of their symptoms will change in the following fortnight. However, there’s no model to forecast the simulation of symptoms. According to the data mining in the public database, among all elements, the critical factors for SARS-CoV-2 prognostication are age, direct bilirubin, and blood urea nitrogen. On top of that, data mining helps identify new indicators in multiple tumours in the clinical treatment process, providing supportive evidence to tumour typing and prognostic evaluation.

While the technology develops and diagnostics advances in recent years, cardiovascular markers in the clinical scenes are also fast improving. Various clinical vademecum and experts consensus are continuously modernising and being implemented into clinical practices, benefiting the patients with new technology and diseases early-stage monitorisation.

Abundant clinical application and experience show that assays for highly accurate and highly sensitive cardiovascular markers are increasingly quintessential to clinical assessment, risk stratification, treatment guidance, and prognostic evaluation, boosting physicians to classify the risks, optimising comprehensive management of cardiovascular diseases.

Introducing exquisite management concepts and tools in manufacturing fields to laboratory departments can effectively improve the lab management and service capacity of clinical laboratory, practically pushing the overall integration of service quality and operational efficiency for every single tache of diagnostics and treatments. 

Momentarily, thoracic hospitals have been implementing exquisite systems such as 5S, VPM, and KPI into daily management, solving practical issues like the lousy working environment, low operation efficiency, vague team responsibility, and bumpy project tracking, actualising convenient, efficient, comprehensive, solid, and exquisite management, empowering medical laboratory synergies.

Cytokines are related to treatments of many diseases, gathering the attention of clinicians and physicians. However, there are many categories in cytokines and complex screenings, desiderating a highly accurate detecting technique. Consequently, as a new technology developed in the recent two decades, xMAP technology provides high throughput detection. Although requiring only a minimal sample of 10uL of blood serum, xMAP can detect up to one hundred indicators, essentially increasing detection efficiency. The xMAP technology is advantageous in complex clinical scenarios like multiplex detection and virus subgenotype, especially for tumour markers screening, ToRCH eugenic screening, autoantibody detection, HPV typing.

The future is now. Physicians are dreaming of an automated, intelligent, high-sensitivity, cost-efficient, and high-throughput diagnostic technology. xMAP is precisely the ideal perfect technology tally with the above provisions.

While reviewing the hundred years of tidal transformation in the Chinese technological innovation circumspectly and rationally, the situation of core technologies in multiple areas restrained by various factors is not changed fundamentally. The need for domestic products to replace imports is now more urgent than ever. Hardcore technology is behind all industrial application; only with a joint effort of breaking through the bottleneck can one elevate to the next level of development.

How to unify the whole industry chain, including upstream suppliers and downstream manufacturers? How to actualise the collection of wisdom from academic and industry? It is the national system with an industrial mindset. As a leading technology-driven enterprise with outstanding core capacity and innovative solid capability, Tellgen Corp has always been taking social responsibility and developing with innovation. Moreover, the industrial experts and talent pools of top hospitals are genuinely the backbone of technological advancements and technology industrialisation. It is profoundly coalescing innovative powers from different circles, pushing through the lifecycle process of fundamental research, product development, clinical trial, registration application, product launch, applying scientific research results to industrial production. I believe the future is promising with the combination of industrial minds and clinical practices.

We are advancing with times and achieving with practices. As a medical technology company, we value user demands in every aspect as the motivation which encourages Tellgen to improve are embedded in user pain points. In the future, we expect to lead the industry firmly with a strategic layout, including new products and new technology, bounding with hospitals and clinical research institutions to achieve mutual empowerment in the promising future!