Tellgen Scholarship at Jiangsu University | Praise Excellence with Awards and Build a Dream for the Future


The 3rd Medical Development Fund Award Ceremony of Jiangsu University was recently held in Zhaohe Crowne Plaza, Zhenjiang. Wang Haijun, Director of the Student Affairs Section of Jiangsu University, Shen Chen, Director of the Graduate Affairs Section of the Party Committee; Xu Zhandong, Secretary of the Communist Youth League; Fan Yirong, Deputy Director of the Alumni Association and External Relations Office; Dr. Zhan Hong, Director of Academic Strategy and Marketing Department of Tellgen Corporation (Tellgen), and more than 200 representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony.

On the scene of the award ceremony, Dr. Zhan Hong, director of the academic strategy department and marketing department of Tellgen, presented the award to the Medical Development Fund-Tellgen Scholarship winner for 2022. In the spirit of actively giving back to society and helping cultivate talents, Tellgen has established school-enterprise cooperation with the Medical College of Jiangsu University for over three years. It has carried out much in-depth collaboration in setting up special scholarships for enterprises, donating experimental instruments for postgraduates, and setting up practice teaching bases outside of school, aiming to motivate and support more high-quality, high-starting point and sustainable development young students to grow up and become useful.

Award Ceremony of “Medical Development Fund-Panjing Scholarship”

Medical College of Jiangsu University (formerly Zhenjiang Medical College) is one of the five earliest universities to establish undergraduate medical laboratory specialties in China. After more than half a century of construction and development, it has become a leading and exemplary role in the national education and health industries in the national characteristics of professionals. Since 2014, the medical laboratory technology specialty of the Medical College of Jiangsu University has been ranked No.1 in the professional ranking of China University by the China Academy of Management Sciences and the undergraduate education professional ranking of China University by China Science and Education Evaluation Network.

At the same time, Tellgen will provide the school with employment and entrepreneurship guidance and practice resources and jointly cultivate high-quality application and innovation talents. With the further improvement of production and education integration and collaborative education at the Development Fund of the College of Medicine award ceremony at Jiangsu University.

Dr. Zhan Hong, director of the academic strategy and marketing department of Tellgen Corporation, was employed as visiting professor at Jiangsu University.

Qian Hui, Dean of Jiangsu University Medical College, presented the letter of engagementTalent comes first, the foundation of our country. Tellgen has always been assisting students in fulfilling their dreams and has established long-term and close cooperation relations and scholarships with many colleges and universities. Hundreds of outstanding students have obtained financial support from the Tellgen Scholarship.

We look forward to furthering all-round cooperation between the school and the enterprise in the fields of application-oriented talents training, engineering project research, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the later stage to realize the deep integration of “production, education, and science and education” between the school and the enterprise, and to focus on building a new standard for school-enterprise cooperation with the project team as the starting point.