Congratulations on Tellgen ColonS9™ Septin9 DNA Methylation Kit on colorectal cancer certified at the NCCL EQA


Congratulations on Tellgen ColonS9™ Septin9 DNA Methylation Kit on colorectal cancer certified at the National Center for Clinical Laboratories with the EQA certificate. Recently, the National Center for Clinical Laboratories announced the results of the first national evaluation of Septin9 gene methylation testing kits: among the ten quality control products, Tellgen ColonS9™ distributed nine units participating units all showed excellent results, with a positive coincidence rate of 100% and a negative coincidence rate of 100%, making it one of the most mainstream brands. It embodies the excellent quality of the Septin9 gene methylation detection kit (PCR fluorescence method) by Tellgen, showing its enterprise spirit of focusing on quality and improvement.

Among the 60 participating laboratories, 59 adopted real-time fluorescence PCR, and the top three reagent brands used blood as the test sample type.

Therefore, a quick and simple detection method such as Tellgen DNA methylation technology is the first choice for the detection of the Septin9 gene, based on a widely-used real-time fluorescence PCR platform, combined with two technologies of sulfite modification and Taqman probe, can realize the specific detection of Septin9 gene methylation DNA in plasma samples, which is a non-invasive, accurate and simple method for early detection of colorectal cancer.

Clinical data show that the total coincidence rate between the methylation detection kit of the Septin9 gene and the DNA methylation sequencing method is 99.81%. Taking the clinical diagnostic gold standard as a reference, its sensitivity is about 70%, and its specificity is higher than 94%, which can effectively improve participation in the early detection of intestinal cancer and accurately concentrate the requirements of colonoscopy.

Tellgen will always take product quality as the foundation and focus on the demand of doctors, patients, and medical institutions, providing high-standard and high-demand diagnostic products and solutions for clinical testing, contributing to the prevention and control of colorectal cancer and human health!