Unstoppable! Tellgen Quick Line T8 Installations with ImmunDuo 2.0 Immuno Island, The Fully Automated Platform


Last October, at the CACLP conference held in Nanchang, Tellgen launched its laboratory automation instrument – ImmunDuo™ Immuno Island 2.0, a product that is different from all other immune analyzers on the market. It combines Tellgen’s fully automated flow fluorescence analyzer TESMI F4000 with Tellgen’s fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer TESMI i200, achieving the effect of “Immuno Twin Island, Chemiluminescent Brothers, One Island Top Ten Instruments”.

Recently, Tellgen also launched the total laboratory line Quick Line T8, which can be equipped with domestically produced biochemical immunoanalyer. Due to its unique integrated design, Quick Line T8 has attracted much attention and injected new vitality into the production line market.

In order to improve testing efficiency, shorten patient waiting times for results, and issue more accurate and timely reports, after careful consideration, many hospitals have introduced Tellgen’s laboratory automation solutions – Immuno Island 2.0 and Tellgen’s total laboratory automation line (Quick Line T6 and T8). After the Spring Festival, the installation work was in full swing across the country, and several sets of Immuno Island 2.0 and multiple total laboratory automation lines had been installed and debugged and were put into normal use.

After introducing Tellgen automation instruments, the efficiency of the department’s work has been improved, and the work process has become more automated and intelligent, which has also changed the original working mode. Tellgen’s automation instruments are easy to operate, and after simple training, departmental operators quickly mastered the operation process of Tellgen’s automation instruments.

The introduction of Tellgen’s automation instruments, especially the Quick Line T8, has greatly optimized the original workflow. According to feedback from departmental operators, the specimens tested on the total laboratory automation line only need to be input from the front-end processing, and the subsequent processes are all completed uniformly by the production line without any additional intervention by humans. The process includes automatic centrifugation, automatic lid opening, automatic transport to the analyzer for testing, automatic sample output after completion of the test, etc., saving a lot of labor costs. In the case of a shortage of personnel in the department, the production line plays the advantages of automation and intelligence, reduces the department’s work pressure, and ensures the timeliness of testing. The production line has a complete range of testing projects that can meet most of the department’s testing needs. During use, the production line runs stably and has a low failure rate.

In addition, the intelligent construction of the production line is underway, and related intelligent functions such as data management center, automatic review, intelligent reagent recommendation and warning, and automatic quality control will be introduced one after another, helping the laboratory to become a truly intelligent laboratory.

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Tellgen’s automation solution has received widespread praise from users for its controllable cost, complete project range, and stable operation. It is believed that in the future, there will be more users of Tellgen’s automation solutions, and we look forward to more feedback from users. Tellgen will always be with users, growing together, and let you truly experience the experience of “having everything and unlimited possibilities”.