Tellgen at NCLM | Total Laboratory Automation Solutions with Cutting-edge Technology LCMS, Immunoassay, and Biochemical Assay


As March comes to an end, winter fades away and with April starting, the starry sky continues to shine. From March 30th to April 1st, the 17th National Conference of Clinical Laboratory Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association was held in Changsha. This highly influential event in the medical field brought laboratory professionals from all over the country together to empower the future with their thoughts and ideas once again, after three years.

On the afternoon of March 30th, the Clinical Laboratory Automation Summit Forum and Tellgen’s New Product Launch Event was held to great success. Renowned figures in the field of laboratory medicine such as Professor Wang Chengbin from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital and Professor Wang Xuefeng from Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University served as the host guests, while Professor Qiu Ling from Peking Union Medical College Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Tellgen’s chairman Yao Jianer were the keynote speakers. Many experts in the field of diagnostics gathered at the summit forum to discuss the current and future states of clinical mass spectrometry automation and clinical laboratory automation. The event was fully packed with enthusiastic attendees, and even more people stood at the back and on both sides of the conference room.

The benefits of automation systems for clinical laboratory testing are not only the liberation of labor, but also the standardization of testing techniques and the promotion of efficient testing scenarios. For mass spectrometry, although LC-MS/MS systems have undergone some automation evolution, such as the automation of solutions preparation, sample introduction, and chromatographic column switching, it is still insufficient. Currently, sample preparation takes 2 hours, chromatography takes 5 minutes, mass spectrometry takes 1 second, and interpretation takes 20 minutes. Not only is the sample analysis process time-consuming, but a large amount of human error also causes 19% incorrect results. However, the various processing methods for sample preparation pose a challenge to its automation, as each method has its own principles and steps.

In exploring sample preparation automation, Peking Union Medical College Hospital has experienced semi-automated pre-processing instruments with only pipetting work modules, large volume, bulkiness and high cost, integrated pre-processing workstations with high requirements for magnetic beads and differences between batches, as well as magnetic bead extractors. During the epidemic period, a chance encounter with Tellgen’s understanding of sample pre-processing led to the birth of the MAIGIC A9600. This equipment not only saves time but also liberates man power. It has also demonstrated the advantage of automatic pre-processing equipment in tyramine amine determination, with excellent precision CV even in indicators with extremely low volumn.

Finally, Director Qiu showed the expectations of clinical mass spectrometry automation in terms of speed, suitability, flexibility, and failure rate through the demands of medical institutions. She also expressed the determination and efforts of Peking Union Medical College Hospital to help promote precision diagnosis and discipline development through platform construction in this field.

Clinical laboratory automation is undoubtedly the future trend, but most laboratories face the problem of insufficient space. Therefore, Tellgen has launched a new generation of efficient pipelines, the direct coupled immunoassay automation line T6 which saves half the space.

The direct coupled immunoassay automation line T6 is a small and beautiful automated solution for immunological testing, equipped with high-speed immunological analyzers – Immunological Twin Island, which combines the advantages of multiple joint inspections of flow fluorescence and small molecular detection of chemiluminescence technology, achieving the peak speed of immunological testing instruments and ten times the performance of chemiluminescence.

The efficient biochemical immunoassay automation line T8 can connect with Tellgen’s two immunological analyzers, as well as multiple imported or domestic high-speed biochemical analyzers, with high throughput, customization, scalability, and flexible combination.

The Tellgen immunoassay automation series of pre-processing adopts an integrated design, completing sample introduction, centrifugation, opening, and sample extraction functions in a space slightly larger than one square meter. Coupled with high-speed analysis instruments, it achieves a large amount of space-saving in the laboratory, making the laboratory no longer cramped.

As the opening show of Tellgen’s powerful product strategy in 2023, the event showcased complete transformative solutions and many excellent products, such as a fully automatic mass spectrometry sample pre-processing system that completes eight steps in one machine, and the direct coupled immunoassay automation line T6, which saves half the space. Many innovative products and equipment were unveiled, attracting a lot of attention and consultation from the audience.

Tellgen’s booth was bustling with people. While guiding visitors in an orderly manner, Tellgen also simultaneously opened the “Tellgen Lecture- NCLM Special Series.” Relevant product managers gave presentations on flow fluorescence technology, the TESMI i100 chemiluminescence analyzer, autoantibodies, HPV27 genotyping, laboratory automation solutions, and fully automatic mass spectrometry pre-processing systems, explaining in detail the advantages and characteristics of Tellgen’s products and solutions while answering questions from visitors.

With a deeper understanding of life, technology collaboration, and driving the future, Tellgen is providing clinical customers with more efficient, flexible, and economical automation solutions that are suitable for the modern context. Driven by innovation and guided by demand, Tellgen will uphold the belief of “exploring life, continuing hope” to provide more valuable Chinese-manufactured products and high-quality services for the field of laboratory medicine, and help promote the high-quality development of China’s diagnostic industry.