Tellgen Corporation Bringing New Total Laboratory Automation Solutions and Multiplex Autoimmune Hepatitis Assays


On April 13-15, the Academic Summit of the Immunoassay Professional Committee 2023, sponsored by the China Association for Analytical Testing, was held in the beautiful city of Huzhou. Representatives from academia, industry, research and medicine gathered together to exchange ideas and explore the collaboration possibilities and innovative coupling.

As a co-founder of the China Association for Analytical Testing Immunoassay Professional Committee, Tellgen Corporation has always been maintained close cooperation with a variety of academic organizations. Graced with the opportunity, Tellgen presented an attractive booth, showcasing its latest products and a variety of innovative activities including new product releases and special reports, which provided multidimensional insights into the future development of clinical diagnostics.

Tellgen Total Laboratory Automation Solutions

Tellgen has launched a new generation of highly efficient automated immunoassay platforms – the Elite Fast Line series, which truly achieves high efficiency, high throughput and space savings. The direct-connected immunoassay automation line – the Fast Line T6 – integrates pre-treatment and completes sample pre-processing such as sampling, centrifugation, and opening the cover in a space of just over one square meter. It also adopts a direct connection method between the instrument and the testing device, eliminating the need for redundant external tracks, which not only shortens the sample transport distance, but also saves space. It can be connected to the TESMI i200 and TESMI F4000 to form an immunoassay twin island ImmunDuo 2.0. The former can reach 480 tests/hour throughput, while the latter uses flow fluorescent principle to perform multiplex joint assay, with a maximum throughput of 4000 tests/hour. Both can detect more than 100 immunological analytes.

Development and Application of Autoimmune Hepatitis Detection Technology

Autoimmune hepatitis is a type of autoimmune disease characterized by abnormal immune responses that attack the liver, resulting in liver tissue damage and functional abnormalities. The global incidence is gradually increasing, and quantitative detection of autoimmune hepatitis related autoantibodies has important value in the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease.

Tellgen’s latest fully automated flow fluorescent immunoassay analyzer TESMI F4000 can realize fully automatic, on-demand, fully quantitative and high-throughput joint detection of autoantibodies, with a maximum detection throughput of 1920 tests/hour. In the clinical value assessment of AILD inspection, the detection of autoimmune hepatitis antibody spectrum by flow fluorescent method is similar to other methodological performances, but the inspection throughput is faster. Especially, the clinical value of M2-3E antibody is not only highly consistent with that of LIA method and ELISA method, but also highly correlated with the quantitative results of ELISA.

Tellgen’s flow fluorescent platform can also perform joint detection and free combination of tumor markers, achieving one tube detection, one experiment, one box of reagents and one set of consumables, greatly saving manpower, resources, costs and time.

New Book Launch: “Immunoassay Analysis”

At the 2023 academic summit of the China Association for Analytical Testing Immunoassay Professional Committee, the new book “Immunoassay Analysis”, edited by Director Yan Guangtao, was officially released and a pre-sale ceremony was held. Director Yan Guangtao, Chairman of the China Association for Analytical Testing Immunoassay Professional Committee and the First Medical Center of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, introduced the abstract and main profile of the new book “Immunoassay Analysis”, including the IVD market overview, the development history and future trend of immunoassay analysis technology, the materials and important components of immunoassay analysis technology, and the fluorescence immunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, electrochemical luminescence, liquid biopsy, Raman chemical luminescence and other immunoassay analysis technologies. He also shared the achievements and awards of industry, academia, and research cooperation in recent years.

This book will provide a more comprehensive and in-depth technical reference and learning material for the industry, and become an important driving force for the further development of immunoassay technology. IVD practitioners can find their own answers and inspiration here, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of immunoassay technology!

Knowing what is needed, understanding what is required, and giving what is desired – let us look forward to the enormous incremental value that the Immunoassay Summit will create in the future, while Tellgen will continue to integrate research and development innovation and practical application, based on a profound insight into clinical scenarios, to build and iterate innovative products and solutions that truly meet the needs of laboratory testing. Towards the new era, Tellgen is poised to create a bright future!